The development of Hermes

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As the world’s top luxury brands, Hermes success is the most important factor is a superb quality. Since its inception in 1837, Hermes has been to fine handmade and aristocratic style of design based on the classic clothing brand peak. Hermes brand all the products are selected the most superior high-grade materials, and most of the products are hand-crafted, nothing more than that fake Hermes belt products for the deep thinking, high taste, rich content, exquisite works of art. Pay attention to process decoration, the details of sophisticated, with its excellent quality to win a good reputation.

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In ensuring high quality at the same time, replica Hermes belt also pay great attention to brand style. On the basis of the traditional logo (carriage LOGO, HERMES text and “H” letters), constantly on the brand visual identification content to update and supplement, in the carriage LOGO group has broken the standard application should be immutable constraints, so that the brand more Fun and vibrant. And in addition to the brand identity, by setting the brand’s cognitive elements to be more rich, including: whether in the logo or packaging, products and even the application of the orange shop; every year set a different marketing theme, and Published the brand quarterly album for customers to browse freely.
In the quality and innovation on the basis of fake Hermes belt formed its own unique culture and spirit. For a brand, culture is the key to its survival and development. So that all the products to the fine to the United States, impeccable, is the consistent purpose of Hermes. The meticulous spirit, imagination and creativity of the focus of these values ​​is to make Hermes compared with the competitors seem different characteristics, creative director Pierre – Alec

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Dumas said: “My job is to make Hermes strong creativity continue to cultivate meticulous spirit and imagination” “Let these values ​​play an impact.” It is this on the details and integrity of the high degree of concern Making Hermes continuous success. 2010 Hermes sales of 2.4 billion euros, a record high since 1993, a new high. 2011 sales of 2.84 billion euros, an increase of 18.3%, a new record high.
Of course, so proud of the results are also inseparable from the mode of operation. “When a product sold well, we will stop producing it.” This is Hermes business philosophy. He will look on the middle class, continue to meet customer needs, and actively explore overseas markets, to meet the needs of different regions of luxury goods.